SEMA 2013: Gymkhana 6, Forza 5, Cars and The People Who Love Them

Posted on Nov 11, 2013
SEMA 2013: Gymkhana 6, Forza 5, Cars and The People Who Love Them

Last week I made the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the SEMA automotive aftermarket trade show to make the rounds with
clients, check out some of the most amazing cars on the planet and soak up the vibes and energy of the automotive enthusiast
market. I’m a firm believer in the school of thought that you have to be entrenched in the culture and participate to be able to
create authentic communications for it. YOU GOTTA BE IN IT TO WIN IT.

Here are some highlights:

• SEMA’s 50th Anniversary Banquet and Hall Of Fame induction of George Barris; the man that put the ‘K’ into kustom kulture
and built the original Batmobile, Dragula and many other fun kustom kars for film and television over many decades.

• Hot Wheels unveiling of their collaboration with Ford Motors on the transporter van #fordsema>

• Ken Block wins Global Rally Cross and premieres his GYMKHAA 6 video. Watch it here:

• Playing FORZA 5 for the new Microsoft XBOX One that’s releasing at the end of the month.

• Crawling inside the DC x Toyota Tundra Snowboarding Assault Vehicle collaboration.

• Meeting the head of marketing for Chevy’s Corvette and Camaro and Hot Wheels head car designer.

The rest stays in Vegas ;)


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