Running Of The Bros | Huntington Beach Riot

Posted on Jul 30, 2013
Running Of The Bros | Huntington Beach Riot

Pamplona, Spain has the annual San Fermin Festival — aka The Running Of The Bulls — and now Huntington Beach, CA has its own festival of fools that took place last night down Main St. in Surf City USA, which I’m now calling The Running Of The Bros. I don’t think the US Open of Surfing is going to survive in its current format after this social meltdown. Which is unfortunate because I always enjoy watching the world’s best surfers compete in the waves I grew up surfing. The funny thing is the exact thing these bros were showboating in front of is going to be the thing that eventually will finger them for their crimes.
Social media caught it all for posterity and later identification.

The mainstream media is calling it the ‘Surf Riot’—great name for a band by the way—but I can say that most of these clowns don’t surf and aren’t from Huntington Beach. One guy seems to have already incriminated himself via his Twitter feed, and he and his ‘bros’ are from West Covina. Just sayin’.

Surf City’s greeting might change to…Welcome To Huntington Beach…Now Go Home.



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